Street Art, Great Ocean Road, and tons of making friends with animals


Here’s Caitlin again in the land of Oz. I went to Melbourne back in June of this year. After visiting the city of Melbourne the decision to keep living in Sydney was very hard. Melbourne has less up tight city vibes, more culture, and great coffee (sorry Sydney coffee lovers everywhere). The beaches and my mates are what keeps drawing me back to good ole Sydney. This trip was an amazing weekend getaway and I hope to go back and explore even more.

I went on this trip with two amazing mates and we had a blast. We started with a walk to CBD and a tour of the amazing street art in Melbourne. There is an incredible amount of street art in Melbourne its almost overwhelming. So many unbelievable laneways. Hosier Lane and AC/DC lane are absolute musts. If you seen any photos of Melbourne street art it probably came from Hosier or AC/DC lane. Below is a map of all the locations of major street art. We walked around to at least six or seven of them and it was worth it.



We detoured a little bit on our jaunt and ended up in the Royal Botanical Gardens. We stopped at the Shrine of Remembrance which has amazing city views. Walking there we heard cannons go off and decided to check it out. Mainly because we had no idea that’s what happened there. ¬†I’m a massive history buff so it was nice to walk around the shrine and take it all in. ¬†After this we walked back over the Yarra River and went to lunch at Mamasita. A personal goal in my life is to find amazing Mexican food in Australia and this place was amazing. I had the street style corn in a cup, pork taco, and huitlacoche quesadilla. Any time a quesadilla is on offer as gluten free I have to have it.¬† It was the best part of the meal by a landslide.

After our little jaunt we went and viewed more street art heading to Presgrave Place, Union Lane, Caledonian Lane, and Snider Lane. With a quick stop into Dukes Coffee Roasters for a delicious latte. We then walked around Chinatown for a bit too and looked at all the delicious Asian dessert shops. We didn’t try any and I actually regret that. Then heading back to our hostel to prep for a night out.


The next day was spent at St.Kilda Beach to wander and check out the Brighton Bathing Boxes. Neither were as close to each other as we thought so we ended up getting a short uber between each other. In St. Kilda I had one of the best cups of coffee I‚Äôve ever had. It was from a coffee cart next to Luna Park from Bean to Melbourne. It was incredible! Apparently they travel around Melbourne so definitely find where they’ll be at. After that we headed to the bathing boxes.¬† They were so unique and not one the same. Glad we made the trip to take the touristy photo in from of the Australian flag bathing box. After this we headed back to gear up for the early morning call to the Great Ocean Road.


The early morning wake up call of 7:05 was well worth it to go on the Great Ocean Road. Pictures will not do it justice at all. The 12 Apostles are absolutely worth the trek. Along the way we stopped to feed some birds and view some koalas in the wild at Kennet River. The birds were hilarious to feed. There was so many of them and once you had one eating some feed another one would be right there, too. Also, venturing to the Razorback and Loch Ard Gorge along the way. The beauty of the 12 Apostles was breathtaking. The only downside was making it during sunset. It was beautiful but I think it would’ve been much better a few hours earlier.

The last day was spent at the Melbourne Zoo. We had a flight in the evening so not enough time to really venture too much. The butterfly habitat at the Melbourne Zoo was outright the¬†highlight. Being covered in butterflies flying around was amazing. Honestly, I felt like this Zoo didn’t compare to Taronga Zoo in Sydney at all. It was great to see the animals but Taronga has amazing views of Sydney and much bigger habitats. However, if you’re in Melbourne I would still check it out.

All in all, Melbourne is a great city filled with pleasant people and tons to do. There’s still so many restaurants and coffee shops I want to try. My list was honestly way too big for the amount of time we were there. All the more reason to make a trek back.

Other stuff not mentioned but I totally rate 10/10:

Bars: Naked for Satan and Blackcat Fitzroy

Clubs: Poof Doof (LGBTQ friendly)


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