Weekend Away in the Gold Coast

The view of Surfers Paradise from Elephant Rock at Currumbin Beach

The last minute decision to head to the Gold Coast was the exact decision I needed to make. I had been itching to travel and after a few bad turns the thing I needed to do was to get out of Sydney for a short weekend break. Heading out Friday evening and coming back Monday evening was perfect. I headed out from work and flew out. Getting from the airport to Surfers Paradise was an easy bus ride and tram away. While waiting for the tram I was greeted by a rather intoxicated older gentleman that felt like serenading me with his guitar. Even asking for requests. It was pretty hilarious, luckily this Aussie was harmless and probably just wanted someone to talk to but I felt like it was a big Welcome to Queensland! Arriving at my hostel, Budds in Surfers and I was instantly greeted by a group of people heading out on the town. I opted out as I did work all day and was quite geared up for a night of drinking.

I decided to get up early on Saturday head to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to achieve my lifelong goal of holding a koala. The sanctuary was really quite nice. On the entrance you are immediately greeted by koalas in their habitat. I decided to do the koala experience at 3pm so I decided to walk around and see the other habitats. I had a great time with some kangaroos. Specifically, one that decided to sit right on me as I pet it. Truly an amazing experience.

After I had my fill of the Aussie wildlife I head to Currumbin Beach as I was told on entry that there was a Sculptures by the Sea going on along the beach. The sculptures were massive. There was a huge turtle and ginormous beach chairs on the ocean. It was really unique.

After this I headed back to the sanctuary for the koala experience. This was so cool. They took us into the koala enclosure where about 17 koalas were hanging out/mainly sleeping. They spoke about the koalas and what the sanctuary does. Then answering all of our questions about the cuddly creatures. After this I finally got to hold a koala. The delightful lady Peppermint was very hard not to steal. They really are as cute as they seem. After I got my professional photo I headed back on the bus up to surfers. There I got ready for the infamous hostel pub crawl. Starting at Melbas and going to four more pubs/nightclubs was absolutely fun.

Peppermint and I

Luckily the following day was rainy so I was able to hang around the hostel and have a full recovery from a night drinking. We ended up going back to Melbas for karaoke that night. It was a great time.

Monday I headed down to Burleigh Heads Beach to have a relaxing last day in the Gold Coast. The view of Surfers from Burleigh heads is rally amazing. Also walked around Burleigh head national park to take in more views of GC. The Tumgun Lookout was worth the walk. I then headed to California tacos to continue on my search for the perfect tacos in Australia. They were pretty good tacos, not up to standard but pretty good for the GC. I headed to the airport in the evening and headed back to good ole Sydney.

The group from the pub crawl. I am in the back jumping
In case you ever want to know Aussie lingo

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