Happy New Year guys. ¬†It’s been a while, but I’m back to tell you guys about my trip to Singapore. ¬†This wasn’t my first trip to Singapore. It’s slowly becoming like a second home. This year I had to shoot a new line for the app company that I was with early this year in California, and Vegas. ¬†

The day started great I didn’t forget anything and cleared security without any kind of problem. Boarded my flight to New York on time. ¬†I had a very cute and funny lady next to me to make the hours fly bye easily. Got to New York early, which is always nice, found my gate and as unusual I get pass the checks with no problem again. In my mind this was going to be one of the best trips to date. I kept it to myself and boarded my flight to Beijing. I passed out on that 13hr flight. ¬†That was the end of the fun time. I woke up and noticed we’re a bit late getting into Beijing. Once we landed the flight was over an hour late. ¬†My 2hr layover became one hour. It took me 40mins to get through customs in China, to get turned around and sent back to the front to get a new tickets cause I was told I wouldn’t make my flight. ¬†Heads up for anyone flying into China just note it takes about 2hrs to get to your gate. ¬†I had to say they made it up to me with an upgrade to business class. ¬†I got to use the business lounge to take a shower, eat some food, and wait on my flight.

Made it to Singapore early the next day and it felt great to be back home.  Had a good 2 days to rest and enjoy the life in lion city (Singapore). Met up with a lot of old friends and I made it to the wedding of some of my best friends.  Great weekend all around until Monday work day.  Had the first team meeting with everyone in person.  Made plans for the app and everything that comes with it. The next 3 days of this trip was nothing but work.

After the craziness I found time to run the streets with my favorite set of Germans. We made our way to a Japanese Garden in the middle of the city. Spent a couple hours walking around and taking in the zen vibes. The best part of the day is when we made it back to the heart of the city to have lunch with one of our best friends. Before heading out again. Next we headed into the rich part of town and stopped off at the Leica Store. ¬†Walking into the shop, to my surprise, I was handed the first Leica SL camera in the country. ¬†Then I was invited to the release party the next night. ¬†I had to hand back the camera to the store, but they set me up with a new one to shoot the latest set of products. ¬†¬†We then continued into the city on a food hunt. If you don’t know Singapore is food capital of the world…lol. This day was one of the most relaxing days of the trip. ¬†Ended the day with dinner and drinks with some more friends.

Then it was back to work to get the fashion stuff I was there to shoot done. ¬†Back to the streets of Singapore to find spots and get the work done. ¬†It was a easy day of shooting for the most part. ¬†After we finished the last shot of the day. We ran back to the house to get ready for the release party for the new camera by Leica. ¬†Spoke to some of the heads of Leica Singapore. The hors d’oeuvres weren‚Äôt cutting it after a long day of work, so we said our goodbyes and headed to dinner. ¬†We all finally had time to chill and enjoy the rest of the trip with plans to an island off the coast of Singapore. ¬†We planned to sleep in and meet up with everyone the next day to hop onto the boat. ¬†Rent some bikes to ride around the island.

After a great breakfast we loaded up on water and headed to the boats. Made it to the island in about 25mins, and it was a straight line to get some bikes. Then we took off from there.  First stop was a temple village at the foot of the quarry.  We set off from the temple to the top of the quarry. On the way up we passed a shrine dedicated to a German girl that went missing on the island. After taking the long way to the top and almost dying a couple times it was a blessing to see the view from the top. On the way down we found our way to the beach. Spent about 30mins just vibing and enjoying the moment. Headed back to the main lands to have dinner and I finally got my hands on a Milo Godzilla. To me that was the whole trip.  Lol. Then last 2 days were work, pool, and shopping. 

The night I fly out to go back to the states was, so relaxing. ¬†woke up in china and had breakfast some coffee a lot of coffee…haha. ¬†Then board the plane back to New York where i found out i had a row of seats to myself. ¬†I got a lot of work done i watch movies and and had a lot of Chinese candy till i was back home…haha.