Port Royal, Jamaica

Hello again guys it’s Kassim the second half of this blog.  I’m here to share my quick trip back home to Port Royal Jamaica. I spent 4 days back home for family stuff, but I passed the time by taking photos to share with everyone. Let’s breakdown the first day by starting at the airport here in Florida. I was flying out with Caribbean Airline, and it was a bit crazy in the line.  I almost missed my flight, but they did give me a upgrade to first class.  The wait in line was feeling a bit better at that point.  I landed in Jamaica at nighttime with time to check into my hotel and chill with the family.  

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The new runway at FLL Miami
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My Dinner in First Class
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A Random port out in the middle of the ocean
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Flying over Kingstown
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The first one off the plane

Let me say it was awesome to wake up early and have the town to yourself for about an hour or two to run around everywhere. I chilled on the beach for about 40 minutes to see the sunrise over the mountains.  Then I went to one of my favorite spots for a quick swim to get the day started. Then the run around Jamaica began.  I didn’t take much photos, some of the places were very dangerous and my camera might have been stolen.  The majority of the trip was spent in my hometown.  Just to think and chill out and enjoy a restful weekend.   

IMG_9853 IMG_9851 IMG_9846 IMG_9808 IMG_9804 IMG_9795 IMG_9786 IMG_9783 IMG_9780

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Where i spent most of the day
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Fell a sleep out here and woke up to this


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A ship that was set on fire and now this is all that is left.
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The shipping area where all the cargo ships dock.
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A random shop that was built up one of the town people.
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This is one the most dangerous places in Jamaica
The last night on the island
The last night on the island

I’m sorry I didn’t really do much but just chill out and get my rest.  This wasn’t really an explore the island trip.  This one was about family and clearing my mind for the rest of the year.  Here is some photos of the Fort Charles that was built back in the 1600s.

img992 img008 img003 img002 img997 IMG_9875 img994

Like i said this was a quick trip, but I’ll be flying out to Singapore in a couple of days.  I promise that post will be a lot longer.